Discovering the Magic of a Murano Glass Mirror

As we have seen in several posts of this blog, Murano glass (Italian: vetro di Murano) offers endless possibilities for application. One of these is a Venetian mirror, the origin of which can be dated back to the Italian Renaissance. Actually the spread of the mirrors with metallic coating, according to the Venetian tradition, started some centuries before, namely between the end of the twelfth century and the beginning of the thirteenth century.

However, during the Renaissance, the city of Venice became a focal point (together with Nuremberg) for the production of these special mirrors, denoting a unique and inimitable way of processing and creating solutions of incredible artistic value. In this setting, Murano glass plays a decisive role. In fact, it is an extraordinary material, able to enrich the frame and deliver the same reflective surface.

How a True Murano Glass Mirror Was Born
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Distinguishing an authentic Venetian mirror from other mirror types can be accomplished by looking at the complexity and technical skills behind its creation. Unlike an industrial product or also an “handmade” ordinary mirror, a Murano glass mirror is handcrafted with the help of at least three different specialized artisans. The artisans involved are, in order, the carpenter for the structure, the glassmaker for the cutting and processing of the mirror itself and finally the glazier for the decorations. All these individuals work together to come up with different sizes, shapes, embellishments, colors and designs of mirrors. The result? A masterpiece is always new and always different!

Venetian Mirror Collections
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Leading online stores like select and evaluate the Venetian mirrors one by one to offer the best of products made in Italy only. The website sells four collections at the moment:
1.    Venetian wall mirrors
2.    Modern and custom mirrors – new design collections
3.    Venetian table mirrors
4.    Furniture and accessories with Murano glass mirror

Each Venetian mirror offered at this website is accompanied by a regular certificate of authenticity that certifies the origin and demonstrates the use of 100% original Murano glass (vetro di Murano). Explore immediately its catalogue and enjoy your shopping with confidence!


Venetian Mirror – Add the Timeless Elegance to Your Home

Venice in general and Murano in particular are well-known for their time-honored glassmaking tradition. And, a Venetian mirror epitomizes this rich tradition flawlessly. Handmade by adroit artisans, all of these mirrors have been able to sustain their ‘exclusive’ label for a prolonged time period. Even in this high-tech world, glassmakers from the small island of Murano are using the same traditional techniques of the eighteenth and nineteenth century to create a wide variety of luxurious mirrors. The peerless craftsmanship of these skilled individuals is apparent when someone looks at the selection for sale these days. Every piece has its own magnetism that is reflected through its polished surface and intricate design elements.

When it comes to judging a Murano glass mirror, it will be an uphill task even for a connoisseur to detect flaws in the object. The presence of several fascinating characteristics makes these mirrors really special. In addition to their supreme lucidity, they are extremely lightweight and sparkling in color. The Venetian mirrors also own the unbelievable property of ductility that ensures their availability in many fantastic forms.

Most of these masterpieces boast of meticulously crafted flowers, leaves and ribbons. These subtle details are actually the distinctive features of Murano glass mirrors and set them apart from other mirror types. The process of handcrafting them goes through multiple steps. Every piece of clear or tinged glass that forms the elaborate structure of the mirror is cut and blown manually. The Venetian mirror is first shaped and polished. Subsequently, the design is engraved by hand into the surface of the mirror. These days, many mirrors are fused with gold or silver to make them even more glittering.  In the end, the artwork is assembled and fastened onto the wooden frame of the mirror by expert glass artisans and carpenters.
Every Murano glass mirror brings with its amazing values. When you buy one of these artistic pieces, you in fact embrace a captivating, mystifying and romantic piece of history. Even after so many centuries, the Venetian mirrors give their owners a sense of fulfillment and pride. They are offered in all sorts of shapes you can imagine. From rectangle, square and octagon to oval and circle, you can find each shape in an array of sizes, designs, colors and paint engravings.
The biggest benefit of these mirrors is their versatility since you can mount one in your bedroom, bathroom, hall or any other room without worrying about its existing décor. They have the ability to blend with any décor and give it a facelift singlehandedly. If you wish to buy a Venetian mirror handmade in Murano only, then there is no better place than that offers an unmatched collection of wall mirrors, table mirrors as well as furniture and accessories to complement them. Your Murano glass mirror shopping can be best accomplished here!

Murano Glass Mirror and Chandelier – Why Are They Important for Any Décor?

Since the thirteenth century, Murano glass (Italian: vetro di Murano) has been a wonder captivating innumerable hearts all around the world with its tradition, beauty, and craftsmanship. At a time when the chemical science was at its nascent stage, glassmakers from the Italian island of Murano, located to the north of Venice, were able to create intricately shaped glass objects by mixing silica or fine sand, sodium, and some basic minerals for colors. With the help of their furnaces and simple tools, they have been skillfully producing a wide variety of items that are not only appealing and sought after but functional as well. Two such varieties that can transform any décor in a flash are Murano glass mirror and chandelier. We’ll look at both of them one by one and try to find out why they can be so special for your home.

In the 16th century, Murano or Venetian mirrors were expensive, uncommon and decorating the walls of affluent families only. But, only a few would have imagined then that these magnificent pieces would become a focal point of many homes, offices, restaurants and hotels some centuries afterwards. Today, a Venetian mirror is much more accessible compared to earlier times.

One unmatched quality of all Venetian mirrors is they can be used as standalone decorative pieces. Unlike other mirror types, they don’t need matching furniture or accessories to complement their splendor. Just mount a Murano mirror on the wall and enjoy the transformed look of your décor instantly.

It is not to be surprised. Complexity is the hallmark of Venetian mirrors. They have sweeping arc designs and extensive lines. The edges are likely to be prominent and flawless. You can find them in all shapes and sizes. The border generally features ornate details and looks elegant without getting too extravagant. A Murano glass mirror is ideal for any room in your home, including living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, and foyer.

These ornamental mirrors are widely acclaimed for their unbelievable artwork. From elaborate rosettes and mirrored edges to faultlessly engraved cuttings, every object is finished with perfection so that you can have an ambience full of luster and luxury. Since a Venetian mirror is easily compatible with any design or color scheme, it would come in handy for passionate interior designers who can look to this decorative object when decorating a room. So, who can avoid the temptation of adding a beautiful and versatile Murano mirror to their interiors?

Next, we’ll turn our attention to Murano glass lighting in general and Murano glass chandelier in particular. In addition to Murano tableware and mirrors, one more highly sought after item in the early sixteenth century was an oil lamp. At that time, people realized that besieging a light source with glass would ensure the most optimal dispersion of light and the most effective illumination of the area. Hence, the overwhelming success of Murano glass lighting lamps promoted glass masters to create chandeliers and pendant lighting items.

Like mirrors, Venetian chandeliers are known for their ornate details. These branched lighting fixtures can add magnificence and glitter to any space. That’s why they are often found in big hotels or commercial centers that require an arresting look to attract more footfalls into their premises.

A Murano glass chandelier is not like any other fixture made to illuminate a room. The materials used in its creation belong to a really long artisan tradition of several centuries. So, when you buy this chandelier, you’re actually becoming a part of rich history created by Venetian glass masters with passion and fervor. Murano glass (vetro di Murano) is undoubtedly supreme in quality and among the finest kinds of art glass on the planet.

Although original Murano chandeliers are not cheap, there are choices available to suit every budget and style. You can now choose from classic floral patterns, modernistic designs and even futuristic forms. In addition to traditional designs involving clear glass and golden hue, the present-day items feature colorful swirls in green, red, and black. Apart from chandeliers, Murano glass lighting options include table lamps, Jewish menorah, and candle holders.

Both Venetian mirror and chandelier have somewhat identical history to follow and both are important for revamping any décor. You can easily buy either of them from an online shop nowadays. Browse through a wide array of products from the leisure of your home and place your order in a few clicks! Before purchasing a Murano glass mirror or chandelier online, make certain that the seller sources authentic products made in Murano, Italy only. It would be even better if they’re based in that region. meets these criteria fully and is worth considering for your purchases.