Glass Bead Jewelry: Master Art work through the Ages

The major components of glass are lime and soda, silica (sand quartz) or potash. To create colors the basic ingredients that are added are different minerals like black manganese, pink and red gold and blue and green irons. The addition of calcium or tin colors makes the glass opaque. There are more and more diverse types of glass beads available in the market. They all have different names and different production methods.

Different Styles of Glass Bead Making


Below are some styles that are created by different production methods:

• Lamp Worked Beads: This is one of the processes that are made by a home artisan. To make the lamp worked beads, some basic tools are needed. They are the torch flame that runs on propane, rods that are made of steel and coated with kaolin substance called bead release. This helps you to take the lead off the rod after it’s formed. Murano glass bead jewelry is often created using this method.

• Cane Beads: A hollow pipe is used to collect molten ball of glass as it is difficult to make beads. Air blows down the pipe to form bubbles in the ball of molten glass. Then patterns or colors are added to the glass and hot glass is starched or drawn out. Bubble inside the glass is then elongated and forms a long tube with a hole running throughout its length. Then it is designed according to the desired thickness and then cut into sections. Subsequently, the rough edges are smoothenedby tumbling in sand.

• Pressed Beads: These types of beads are made by using hinged steel moulds mounted on tongs or machineries. To form the bead hole, the mould has a wire. The mould is squeezed on the hot glass and at the time of releasing, the excess glass from the edges is ground either by tumbling or hand. This method is primarily used for creating difficult and complex shapes such as flowers, leaves and animals.

Today glass beads are used in many ways and the most notable use is in the area of jewelry making. Jewelry beads tend to be precisely designed than other beads. These days, beads jewelry plays an important role in modern fashion. They are widely used in the form of bracelets, earrings and necklaces. These beads are carved with different beautiful shapes and give us a stunning look.

How to Buy Glass Bead Jewelry on a Budget?


Buying beaded jewelry can be fun as well as damn expensive. Here are some ways to buy beads jewelry without bankrupting yourself.

• Know your options: Glass beads come in different shapes, sizes and colors. First of all, know your options and determine what you want to buy.

• Assess what you actually need: It is very easy to go to a jewelry shop and buy. But, it will blow your budget. Instead assess what you actually need. Avoid buying unnecessary things.

• Look for some authentic glass bead jewelry stores online: Nowadays, online shopping comes with several benefits in terms of pricing, choice, quality, item delivery, and return, refund or replacement. So, this mode of purchase is definitely worth considering.

Murano glass bead jewelry is among the hot favorites of women today. And, when it comes to their purchase, is a trusted place online. Whether you want to order a stunning Murano glass bead necklace, pair of earrings, bracelet or ring, the website can provide you with plenty of choices. Operating from the island of Murano, Original Murano Glass delivers all items with their certificate of authenticity. In addition to Murano glass jewelry, the web-based shop can satisfy your need for a Venetian gold glass mirror, blown glass chandelier or Murano glass bowl. Just browse through the site’s huge collections under various product categories today!

Murano Glass Perfume Bottles Carefully Crafted in Venice

The ancient writings found in different countries mention the use of perfume containers to make and store perfumes. In Egypt, clay jugs were mostly used to store perfume. Some of the containers were also made from stones as they were not porous and wouldn’t leak.

Popular Venetian Glass Perfume Bottles


In the 7th century, the first glass industry was established near Venice. Then the perfume spread from Venice to Florence and then throughout Europe. In the 18th century, after the perfume bottles were emerged as an art form, many varieties of bottles were created such as silver overlay on glass, cut glass, porcelain, crystal and others. Bottles are usually made of a special type of material called Opaline, a crystal that is colored by adding tin oxide and calcified bone which gives the bottle a milky quality.

Best Murano Glass Perfume Bottles

There are some popular Murano glass perfume bottles that are beautifully handcrafted by expert artisans and available online. They have been mentioned below:

• Bottle Perfume Atomizer White Filigree: This little white bottle is handcrafted with the technique of filigree and blown glass. This can be available in various sizes with customizable vaporizer color.

• Bottle Perfume Atomizer Gold Millefiori: It is handmade with the techniques of blown glass and mosaic decorations with 24kt gold.

• Bottle Perfume Atomizer Violet Canes: This little Murano glass perfume bottle is made with the technique of blown glass and canes. It is made by free hands by the glass master paying full attention to the details.

• Amber Scent Bottle with 24kt Gold Bottle Stopper:The bottle is made of blown glass. The leaf bottle stopper is also made of glass and 24kt gold.

There are many more varieties of Murano glass perfume bottles to choose from. They are all unique and come in different vibrant colors and every possible size.

Washing Glass Perfume Bottles


There are some tips regarding how to wash your beautiful glass perfume bottles. You should have the knowledge about it to maintain its beauty for a long time. They are as below:

• First take the bracelet and rings off before washing because they can cause damage.

• To clean a bottle with a paper label, use a damp cloth and do not wet the paper.

• Never wash it in a dish washer as it is too harsh for fragile glasses, so bottles without a label can be washed by hand.

• Water too cold or too hot can cause crack in glass, so use normal water to wash.

• To clean inside of the bottle, use a soft, bristled bottle brush and wash only one bottle at a time.

A Murano glass perfume bottle is a perfect gift for ladies of all ages. There are lots of colors available online that will match your personality. The stoppers are also beautifully designed in different shapes to enhance the popularity of the perfume bottles. Shop for these lovely tiny bottles at, which sells a wide range of Murano glass home décor items such as table tools, bottle stoppers, watches and clocks, candle holders, paints on glass, photo frames, coin trays, saucers, and bowls. Moreover, it is a perfect place to buy a stunning Murano glass wine stopper or wine glass gift set.

Present Corporate Murano Glass Gifts to Make a Great Impression of Your Brand

Corporate Murano glass gifts are an excellent way to showcase your brand on special business occasions. These products are handcrafted by expert artisans and presenting them as gifts adds a special value and care for the recipient. However,since they are handmade,it doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune. There are a wide range of products that suit all budgets, including clocks, wrist watches, figurines, plates, paperweights,photo frames, etc. these colored glass objects will ensure that your corporate identity is represented to the maximum, thereby strengthening your brand and business values.

Corporate clients usually come from different types of businesses, associations, charities, sports and recreation. They also come in every form, from individuals and small businesses to conglomerates, from national to international brands, etc.Hence, corporate glass gifts are perfect for employee recognition, special awards, client gifts or promotional pieces.

Best Corporate Murano Glass Gifts Ideas


There are some of the best corporate glass gifts ideas that can be presented on occasions like conferences, meetings, Christmas holidays, special business meetings involving partners and customers or to employees as a token of appreciation. They are as below:

• Table Clocks: These are very popular colorful Murano glass objects,handmade with the technique of glass fussing with murrine millefiori. They are enclosed with the certificate of authenticity and guarantee.

• Wrist Watches: A Venetian wrist watch made of original Murano glass is a great corporate gift idea. Some are made with murrine millefiori technique in multicolor composition. Featuring a synthetic leather strap with nickel-free metal chrome case, these wrist watches come in different strap colors such as aquamarine, black, blue, chocolate brown, Bordeaux strap, etc.

• Round Plates Pompeii: They are made of Murano glass by hand. To be used in every environment with multiple purposes,these plates can be chosen in different dimensions. They can be available in colors like millefiori mix, white, light blue, pink, red, green, black, brown,and so on.

• Money Clips and Cufflinks: Money clips and cufflinks are handmade with fussing glass. Some are made using 24ktgold and with utmost attention to details. These are available in finishes such as gold, silver and blue.

• Glass Flowers: They are handmade with lamp working technique and their stem is wrapped with cotton thread. The Murano glass flowers can be customized in different colors. You can choose from colors such as red, white, light blue, light black and many more.

• Pen Holders: These are made with the fusion of glass and mosaic. The items have very bright colors that will give an attractive and modern touch to your desk.


These are some of the popular corporate glass gifts produced in the island of Murano. is a renowned, Murano-based online shop facilitating the bulk order of customized glass wedding favors, business gifts, Christmas gifts, and Valentine’s Day gifts online. You can find a large selection of blown glass gifts at attractive rates here. Choose from wine glass gift ideas, blown glass plates, glass bead jewelry, glass animal figurines, glass blown vases, and so on. The website is probably the best place to buy Murano glass gifts over the Internet. Check it out for yourself!

Murano Glass Jewelry: Where Beauty Meets Tradition

In today’s era, many people know Murano glass very well. Murano glass creation is renowned all over the world. Murano glass jewelry objects made of murrinas are especially exquisite. Murrinas are geometric designs obtained by cross sectioning a glass rod; they are then melted together to create a texture. These jewelry items are sold across the world. You might have seen the montelevision or fashion magazines. You might have also seen them for sale at different jewelry stores too. Master glass makers create Murano/Venice glass in different ways to achieve artistic fashion jewelry.


Varieties of Jewelry Made of Murano Glass:

•    Pendants: Murano glass pendants are praised for their rich colors and dazzling reflection of light.

•    Bracelets: Rare in beauty, the glass bracelets have adorned the hands of women for several centuries. They boast of deep colors and exclusive designs.

•    Earrings: Handcrafted by skillful artisans, these earrings are unlike any other jewelry pieces you may have come across. The highest quality of raw materials is used in them. Murano glass earrings are produced in many gorgeous colors for any occasion.

•    Necklaces: They are a pleasure to look at and a joy to wear. Owning a Murano glass necklace is a privilege enjoyed by women.

•    Jewelry sets: These jewelry sets add originality and Venetian romance to every outfit. A Murano glass jewelry set can be an excellent gift for women looking for stylish, coordinated looks.

•    Rings: Rainbow colors and a variety of designs are the specialty of Venice glass rings. They feature a sparkly magical play of light and color.

•    Watches: Watches are fine timepieces. Pieces of special glass canes cut to make patterns in a multi-step heating and cooling process. This means no watch is same.

Whosoever wears Murano glass jewelry will have a stunning and distinguished look. Women wearing Murano jewelry and accessories will have a completely different impression compared to the women wearing other costume jewelry items. To represents one’s femininity and individuality, it is wonderful to opt for the colors like the ones created by the master glass makers. Women having a particular taste and style consider even the smallest detail of their personal appearance extremely important.
So, Murano glass masters value even the minute elements to meet the needs of women. Murano glass jewelry adds that certain uniqueness to the appearance of whoever wearing it. Therefore, certified Murano glass jewelry is a good way to celebrate your individuality and elegance. Wearing the jewelry pieces handmade by master glass makers means wearing the history and tradition of Venice glass. Take a look at the wide selection of beautiful adornments on and bask in the unique beauty of these pieces of art!

Murano Glass Chandelier: Luxury and Original Glass Style

Murano glass chandeliers are colorful and unique in their small, medium, large and big sizes. There are varieties of Murano chandeliers like classic, Venetian and contemporary chandeliers with lovely designs that will bring brightness and color to the rooms of your home, office or the lobby of the hotel. Custom glass lamps give beauty, life and elegance to your room that catches the attention of onlookers. You can choose the size, color and number of lights according to your taste.


A Murano glass chandelier will give a classic look to your home interior. It needs a perfect space to be mounted, whether it’s in your home, office or hotel in order to render appropriate and sufficient light. Therefore, you should choose a Murano glass lighting fixture according to the surroundings. You can buy a chandelier as per your room décor, but sometimes you can also look for different styles because it will draw the attention of the onlookers to its beauty. There are wide ranges of products offered at different online stores. However, you need to choose the original items since many fake objects are also offered. Murano glass chandeliers come in different colors which add a vibrant energy to your interior.

Ambience That Is Suitable for Chandeliers

With a Venetian chandelier, you can give a facelift to your personal space or add a touch of luxury to any of your rooms. These chandeliers are a certain way to improve the atmosphere and mood of your living area. Earlier, chandeliers were regarded as luxury items mainly used for a dining space or foyer but thanks to contemporary interior designers, they are now incorporated into private rooms, kitchens and bathrooms as well. These wonderful glass lighting fixtures have evolved a lot with time.

Historically, these pretty Murano glass chandeliers became popular after the iron, wood and brass era, and instantly brought a new dimension to the Venetian chandelier production. Chandeliers hailing from Murano are different from lead crystal chandeliers. They are made up of soda crystal with a unique property which allows the artisan to work on the glass for a long time. Murano glass objects are made by professional glass makers in exceptional designs, shapes, sizes and colors.

How to Identify a Murano Glass Chandelier

•    Look for a sticker or stamp: It is essential for identifying an original Murano glass lighting fixture because many products can be fake ones.

•    Ask the seller whether the glass piece is new or old: New item of Murano glass comes with a certificate from the factory that gives guarantee of original glass pieces.

•    Don’t identify by its color: It’s very difficult to identify by its color. Only experts can differentiate it effectively.
Based in Murano, Italy, sells a host of genuine Murano glass chandeliers only. Here, you can make a Venetian chandelier selection by number of lights, styles, or sizes. Various styles include Classic, Rezzonico, Aquatic, Lance, Floral, Pastorale, etc. All Murano glass lighting items offered by this web store are handmade in accordance with the ancient Venetian glass making techniques. Hence, order a Murano glass chandelier online and belong to an elite class of individuals!

Murano Glass Gifts Ideas Perfect for the Festive Season Ahead

The production of glass in Murano, Italy boasts of a millenary tradition that is still in full existence. Thanks to the manual and creative hard work of generations of master glass artisans, Murano has become the hub of artistic glass and today the Murano glass products are the most refined form of artistic craft works in the world, deeply rich in their roots and historic tradition. Decorative objects such as vases, ornaments, sculptures, pitchers, goblets, glass beads, and tableware are some of the major creations on this Italian island. A Murano glass gift is of high artistic and monetary value. The transparency of the authentic Murano glass allows the passing of light itself as an aesthetic element. There are many wonderful creations you can choose from and make your festive season the most beautiful as well as memorable. What is your preferred glass gift idea for the forthcoming holiday season?
Some of the Murano Glass Gift Options to Consider

•    Sculptures: There is no ready made form of art; you have to start with something. Murano glass artists have been stretching their boundaries of glass making for the last 700 years. Playing with the fire and molten glass, they create wonderful and beautiful shapes that translate their imagination to realism. You can enjoy a beautiful journey by browsing through the fine selection of Murano glass sculptures on display at a trusted store. Some of the popular sculptures feature guitars, dance forms, lovers, birds and animals that are polished and cold glass cut by sandstone. They are great ideas for gifting in the upcoming season.

•    Vases: These beautiful objects portray a fine artwork. They are handmade according to the age-old tradition of glass blowing. The Murano glass vase collection includes items for every budget and taste. There are wide varieties of vases, from traditional to modern designs. The surface textures and unique color combinations render a stunning look to these masterpieces. Millefiori vases in different colors are also the best for gifting purpose.

•    Table lamps: The exquisite Murano glass lighting objects reflect light in a unique way. These pieces of artwork are designed not only to let you enjoy their illumination via bulbs at night but also their appealing form enhanced by the sunlight in the daytime. They provide your home with a luxurious glow. In this festive season, gift table lamps in different colors and designs to your loved ones.

•    Photo frames: While the frame is made of glass,the structure is made of wood. Photo frames get an impressive effect on light reflections. They are a new and unique style of Murano glass that will give a special feel to the recipients when you gift them.

•    Venetian table mirror: The beauty of Venetian mirror will decorate your room like never before and add a touch of radiance to your interior. Venetian or Murano glass mirrors are unique in their design and craftsmanship.

•    Glass wrist watches: They are a novel type of Murano glass gift having a classical look and can match every personality and come in different varieties. These watches are a glass gift idea worth considering.


The list of Murano glass gift choices is quite exhaustive and you can have an ample feel of that by visiting that sells hundreds of handcrafted products to meet your gifting needs for the Christmas, New Year, wedding, birthday, Valentine’s Day, or any corporate event. The website can also turn your specific glass gift idea into reality. Contact this online shop for a bulk order of corporate business executive gift too and enjoy a considerable discount! So, whether you wish to buy a Murano glass vase, sculpture, Murano glass lighting item, Venetian mirror or anything else, you’re going to present a magnificent gift that will invoke memories for lifetimes.

Venetian Mirror: Let Any Room Shine as Brightly as Possible

A beautiful piece crafted with unique and skillful glass making techniques, Venetian mirror can be mounted to decorate any room. With this mirror, you can render any room with an exceptional look and let it shine to extremes. It is a special kind of mirror that is regarded as an object of art and elegance. Such a mirror encompasses elaborate panels and beautiful etchings. Each part of the mirror is handmade, cut and polished to suit any distinctive requirements. Its brilliant style adds the unique sparkle that adorns the walls of a bedroom, living room, hall, lobby or any other corner of the house. The Venetian or Murano glass mirror is primarily used to decorate homes, palaces, institutions, hotels, shopping malls and lots of other commercial complexes.

Types of Venetian Mirrors


There are different types of Venetian mirror used in accordance with the taste and requirement. They are as follows:

•    Antique wall mirror: If you are a great fan of heirloom and classic styles, then antique wall mirrors are something that will make you appreciate the piece. There are many antique Venetian mirrors that are worth mentioning like decorative crafts antiqued glass venetian mirror, uttermost felicie venetian style decorative wall mirror, antiqued gold leaf, hand etched venetian mirrors, etc.

•    Frameless mirrors for bathroom vanities: While choosing decorative mirrors for bathroom vanities, frameless mirrors are perhaps the best option. These are furnished with cabinets to add on to the storage.

•    Framed wall mirrors: Framed wall mirrors add an elegant and charismatic look to your home décor. There are wide varieties of framed wall mirrors you can choose from according to your taste of decorating your home.

A Venetian mirror comes with a classic timeless look from the 16th century to the more contemporary appearance that will keep looking beautiful in your home interior for many years to come. Now, Venetian or Murano glass mirrors capture the classic style and also offer a modern stylish twist perfect for any type of décor. Many of the mirrors will easily blend with your room setting without overpowering it.

Stylish and Practical Venetian Mirrors


These Venetian mirrors are made up of smaller etched pieces of glass creating almost mini pieces of art within each design. They are able to form a focal point in any room of your house. You can also try ornamental frames with stunning details and a glamorous finish. Venetian mirrors are available in many sizes suitable for different rooms. They will also reflect the light beautifully and create a bright atmosphere.

Quality and Affordable Venetian Mirrors

It is also very important to find a Venetian mirror that maintains elegance and grace, yet is priced within your budget. That’s why Venetian mirrors are offered at affordable prices so that every class of buyers can afford them. All the mirrors are carefully made using the finest materials with attention to details. These mirrors are remarkably durable and will last for many years. A Venetian mirror will reflect a status and you can show your home in an elegant way to guests. Buy one of these mirrors and enjoy the attractiveness and limelight it brings to your dwelling.

From wall mirrors and table mirrors to furniture and accessories, you can probably discover the best range of Murano glass mirrors online at Featuring multiple flowers and cane  curls, all are handmade by an expert team of Venetian mirror artisans, glass masters, and carpenters on this small Italian island. You can also shop for an equally exquisite Venetian chandelier here to transform your interior decoration like never before.