Murano Glass (Vetro) – Tools Necessary to Carry Out the Glassmaking Process

There is no doubt that making different Murano glass (Italian: Murano vetro) items is more dependent upon the skill of the glass artist than the use of special tools. Reinforcing this fact, an old Murano adage says “Good tools are nice, but good hands are better.” However, Murano or Venetian glass artisans still feel the need for excellent tools to facilitate their tasks and create stunning Murano glass sculptures (Italian: Murano vetro sculture), vases, tableware, chandeliers, jewellery, etc.

The tools that are most frequently used are almost the same as those already in use in Roman times. They have been simple and can be divided into 2 distinct types:

• Tools for removing the glass from the crucible

• Tools to shape and cut the hot glass

Tools for Removing the Glass from the Crucible

Canna da soffio (blowing pipe): This is an iron rod internally hollow and used for blowing glass forming free-hand or mold.

Pontello: It is an iron rod thinner than the blowing pipe, used to fix and support the object at different points during the various stages of processing.

Ferro pieno: This is a thick rod of solid iron for the full withdrawal of bulky items of glass, processing of which does not provide for the blowing.

Speo: It is a thin rod of solid iron used for the removal of small amounts of glass intended to be applied and shaped hot on the object being processed.

Tools to Shape and Cut the Hot Glass

Bronzin: It is a thick plate of marble, today bronze or iron, on which the molten glass just taken from the crucible is cooled by rolling and blending.

Borselle: These are tongs or pliers with ends of different forms, used to shape the red-hot glass by hand. Varieties include borselle da tagiar, borselle da pissegar, borselle per morise, etc.

Tagianti: These are big glass-cutting clippers with blades of different shapes.

Magiosso: It is a wooden tool in a hollow hemispherical shape, used to round the hot molten glass.


From adorning any room to beautifying oneself, Murano or Venetian glass objects are available in a wide range of forms. There are blown Murano glass vases (Italian: Murano vetro vasi) in fascinating shapes and rich hues to blow anyone’s mind. Murano glass sculptures (Murano vetro sculture) are not lagging in popularity either and can be found in a host of animal, bird, lover and abstract forms. Whether you want to buy a Murano glass vase, sculpture, piece of jewellery or anything else, is among the best choices online. It deals in authentic products handmade by famous Murano glass artists. Time will roll on, but the appeal of Murano Vetro will last forever.