Murano Glass Gifts Ideas Perfect for the Festive Season Ahead

The production of glass in Murano, Italy boasts of a millenary tradition that is still in full existence. Thanks to the manual and creative hard work of generations of master glass artisans, Murano has become the hub of artistic glass and today the Murano glass products are the most refined form of artistic craft works in the world, deeply rich in their roots and historic tradition. Decorative objects such as vases, ornaments, sculptures, pitchers, goblets, glass beads, and tableware are some of the major creations on this Italian island. A Murano glass gift is of high artistic and monetary value. The transparency of the authentic Murano glass allows the passing of light itself as an aesthetic element. There are many wonderful creations you can choose from and make your festive season the most beautiful as well as memorable. What is your preferred glass gift idea for the forthcoming holiday season?
Some of the Murano Glass Gift Options to Consider

•    Sculptures: There is no ready made form of art; you have to start with something. Murano glass artists have been stretching their boundaries of glass making for the last 700 years. Playing with the fire and molten glass, they create wonderful and beautiful shapes that translate their imagination to realism. You can enjoy a beautiful journey by browsing through the fine selection of Murano glass sculptures on display at a trusted store. Some of the popular sculptures feature guitars, dance forms, lovers, birds and animals that are polished and cold glass cut by sandstone. They are great ideas for gifting in the upcoming season.

•    Vases: These beautiful objects portray a fine artwork. They are handmade according to the age-old tradition of glass blowing. The Murano glass vase collection includes items for every budget and taste. There are wide varieties of vases, from traditional to modern designs. The surface textures and unique color combinations render a stunning look to these masterpieces. Millefiori vases in different colors are also the best for gifting purpose.

•    Table lamps: The exquisite Murano glass lighting objects reflect light in a unique way. These pieces of artwork are designed not only to let you enjoy their illumination via bulbs at night but also their appealing form enhanced by the sunlight in the daytime. They provide your home with a luxurious glow. In this festive season, gift table lamps in different colors and designs to your loved ones.

•    Photo frames: While the frame is made of glass,the structure is made of wood. Photo frames get an impressive effect on light reflections. They are a new and unique style of Murano glass that will give a special feel to the recipients when you gift them.

•    Venetian table mirror: The beauty of Venetian mirror will decorate your room like never before and add a touch of radiance to your interior. Venetian or Murano glass mirrors are unique in their design and craftsmanship.

•    Glass wrist watches: They are a novel type of Murano glass gift having a classical look and can match every personality and come in different varieties. These watches are a glass gift idea worth considering.


The list of Murano glass gift choices is quite exhaustive and you can have an ample feel of that by visiting that sells hundreds of handcrafted products to meet your gifting needs for the Christmas, New Year, wedding, birthday, Valentine’s Day, or any corporate event. The website can also turn your specific glass gift idea into reality. Contact this online shop for a bulk order of corporate business executive gift too and enjoy a considerable discount! So, whether you wish to buy a Murano glass vase, sculpture, Murano glass lighting item, Venetian mirror or anything else, you’re going to present a magnificent gift that will invoke memories for lifetimes.


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