Murano Glass Chandelier: Luxury and Original Glass Style

Murano glass chandeliers are colorful and unique in their small, medium, large and big sizes. There are varieties of Murano chandeliers like classic, Venetian and contemporary chandeliers with lovely designs that will bring brightness and color to the rooms of your home, office or the lobby of the hotel. Custom glass lamps give beauty, life and elegance to your room that catches the attention of onlookers. You can choose the size, color and number of lights according to your taste.


A Murano glass chandelier will give a classic look to your home interior. It needs a perfect space to be mounted, whether it’s in your home, office or hotel in order to render appropriate and sufficient light. Therefore, you should choose a Murano glass lighting fixture according to the surroundings. You can buy a chandelier as per your room décor, but sometimes you can also look for different styles because it will draw the attention of the onlookers to its beauty. There are wide ranges of products offered at different online stores. However, you need to choose the original items since many fake objects are also offered. Murano glass chandeliers come in different colors which add a vibrant energy to your interior.

Ambience That Is Suitable for Chandeliers

With a Venetian chandelier, you can give a facelift to your personal space or add a touch of luxury to any of your rooms. These chandeliers are a certain way to improve the atmosphere and mood of your living area. Earlier, chandeliers were regarded as luxury items mainly used for a dining space or foyer but thanks to contemporary interior designers, they are now incorporated into private rooms, kitchens and bathrooms as well. These wonderful glass lighting fixtures have evolved a lot with time.

Historically, these pretty Murano glass chandeliers became popular after the iron, wood and brass era, and instantly brought a new dimension to the Venetian chandelier production. Chandeliers hailing from Murano are different from lead crystal chandeliers. They are made up of soda crystal with a unique property which allows the artisan to work on the glass for a long time. Murano glass objects are made by professional glass makers in exceptional designs, shapes, sizes and colors.

How to Identify a Murano Glass Chandelier

•    Look for a sticker or stamp: It is essential for identifying an original Murano glass lighting fixture because many products can be fake ones.

•    Ask the seller whether the glass piece is new or old: New item of Murano glass comes with a certificate from the factory that gives guarantee of original glass pieces.

•    Don’t identify by its color: It’s very difficult to identify by its color. Only experts can differentiate it effectively.
Based in Murano, Italy, sells a host of genuine Murano glass chandeliers only. Here, you can make a Venetian chandelier selection by number of lights, styles, or sizes. Various styles include Classic, Rezzonico, Aquatic, Lance, Floral, Pastorale, etc. All Murano glass lighting items offered by this web store are handmade in accordance with the ancient Venetian glass making techniques. Hence, order a Murano glass chandelier online and belong to an elite class of individuals!


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