Venetian Mirror: Let Any Room Shine as Brightly as Possible

A beautiful piece crafted with unique and skillful glass making techniques, Venetian mirror can be mounted to decorate any room. With this mirror, you can render any room with an exceptional look and let it shine to extremes. It is a special kind of mirror that is regarded as an object of art and elegance. Such a mirror encompasses elaborate panels and beautiful etchings. Each part of the mirror is handmade, cut and polished to suit any distinctive requirements. Its brilliant style adds the unique sparkle that adorns the walls of a bedroom, living room, hall, lobby or any other corner of the house. The Venetian or Murano glass mirror is primarily used to decorate homes, palaces, institutions, hotels, shopping malls and lots of other commercial complexes.

Types of Venetian Mirrors


There are different types of Venetian mirror used in accordance with the taste and requirement. They are as follows:

•    Antique wall mirror: If you are a great fan of heirloom and classic styles, then antique wall mirrors are something that will make you appreciate the piece. There are many antique Venetian mirrors that are worth mentioning like decorative crafts antiqued glass venetian mirror, uttermost felicie venetian style decorative wall mirror, antiqued gold leaf, hand etched venetian mirrors, etc.

•    Frameless mirrors for bathroom vanities: While choosing decorative mirrors for bathroom vanities, frameless mirrors are perhaps the best option. These are furnished with cabinets to add on to the storage.

•    Framed wall mirrors: Framed wall mirrors add an elegant and charismatic look to your home décor. There are wide varieties of framed wall mirrors you can choose from according to your taste of decorating your home.

A Venetian mirror comes with a classic timeless look from the 16th century to the more contemporary appearance that will keep looking beautiful in your home interior for many years to come. Now, Venetian or Murano glass mirrors capture the classic style and also offer a modern stylish twist perfect for any type of décor. Many of the mirrors will easily blend with your room setting without overpowering it.

Stylish and Practical Venetian Mirrors


These Venetian mirrors are made up of smaller etched pieces of glass creating almost mini pieces of art within each design. They are able to form a focal point in any room of your house. You can also try ornamental frames with stunning details and a glamorous finish. Venetian mirrors are available in many sizes suitable for different rooms. They will also reflect the light beautifully and create a bright atmosphere.

Quality and Affordable Venetian Mirrors

It is also very important to find a Venetian mirror that maintains elegance and grace, yet is priced within your budget. That’s why Venetian mirrors are offered at affordable prices so that every class of buyers can afford them. All the mirrors are carefully made using the finest materials with attention to details. These mirrors are remarkably durable and will last for many years. A Venetian mirror will reflect a status and you can show your home in an elegant way to guests. Buy one of these mirrors and enjoy the attractiveness and limelight it brings to your dwelling.

From wall mirrors and table mirrors to furniture and accessories, you can probably discover the best range of Murano glass mirrors online at Featuring multiple flowers and cane  curls, all are handmade by an expert team of Venetian mirror artisans, glass masters, and carpenters on this small Italian island. You can also shop for an equally exquisite Venetian chandelier here to transform your interior decoration like never before.


Millefiori Glass: Distinctive Floral Patterns and Vibrant Colors

Millefiori glass has an exclusive history encompassing several ancient civilizations. The history of this type of glass can be traced as far as the ancient Egypt. Mainly, millefiori takes its name from the Italian language, but it was created in different traditions at different times. So, we can’t credit it to one particular culture. However, millefiori was mastered by Murano or Venetian glass artists.


Furthermore, millefiori glass was referred to as mosaic glass. It is distinguished for its unique floral patterns and gorgeous colors. From jewelry, tiles to colorful vases and kitchen glassware, the common uses of this form of glass have not much changed over the times. These are made by fusing slender glass rods or canes of different colors. The fused rod is then pulled and sliced into thin discs which are subsequently arranged into a pattern and moulded together to form one larger piece, otherwise known as murrine. In Venice, millefiori rods are used to create an array of vases, sculptures, perfume bottles, centerpieces, plates, jewelry, etc.

Uses of Millefiori in the Early Stages

According to history, the Egyptian production of mosaic glass was followed by Persian, Islamic and the Roman. Then the technology of mosaic glass was lost for several centuries and then revived again in Venice around the 15th century. There are many early uses of millefiori glass such as:

•    During the first century, Romans used millefiori in glass bowls.

•    From fourth to first century B.C.E. Persians were first to use glass mosaic beads in ornate jewelry.

•    Around 850 C.E. Iraq used it as floor tiles in the rooms of palaces.

•    From the first to third C.E. the northern Iran used millefiori in tombs.

Millefiori Glass Revival

During the eighteenth century, France and England used millefiori glass in decorative paper weights. During this time,the French companies came up with some more patterns such as candy canes and stars. In the nineteenth century, European glass makers brought millefiori to the United States. In the contemporary history of millefiori glass, the glass lovers have plentiful of choices.


Original vs. Fake Millefiori Glass

In this modern era,the Internet has made shopping more accessible and convenient. It is also applicable for Venice glass in general and millefiori glass in particular. You can find original millefiori objects at more affordable prices but there are a few things you should know before shopping online. In recent years, there are many fake Chinese products for sale as original items. It is difficult to fake the genuine millefiori glass but they are producing it using a simple method and decorating it afterwards to fake a real effect. Of course, you can know the counterfeit products but at that time it may be too late and perhaps you can’t get your money back.

What to Do Before Shopping?

•    Look for assurance on the website like certificate of authenticity, whether the seller possesses the level of Murano glass knowledge or not, informative articles on site, and also go through the site’s policy before buying.

•    After finding a trustworthy seller, buy your very own millefiori glass and enjoy its beauty and receive compliments from everyone., based on the island of Murano, is now among the best online destinations for buying authentic millefiori glass items. The website has taken Venice glass shopping to the next level, thanks to its wide range of products, several popular glass artists, easy and safe ordering process, prompt customer service, and fast worldwide delivery. Whether you wish to buy a millefiori Murano glass vase, animal figurine or scent bottle, visit this online shop for many attractive offers!

Looking at the Creative Value of Murano Glass Jewelry

Murano is a small island just to the north of Venice. It has been undoubtedly the capital of Venetian glass for a long time. The production of glass was started in Murano in 1291 when the Venetian republic enforced all the glass makers to shift their entire workshop and factories out of the city. Murano glass jewelry and other glass works have been recognized around the world for centuries for the quality of craftsmanship, styles and gorgeous colors.


Murano glass jewelry is created from the mixture of silica and other chemical compounds. As this mixture is heated to high temperatures, it liquefies so as to allow to mould the glass into desired shape and design. After cooling down, it results in the creation of glass canes which are then used to make glass jewelry. The hardest part in making jewelry is adding colors and creating patterns because the chemical compounds implicated in making the glass colored are extremely sensitive. It calls for an expert craftsman to get the colors and patterns correctly and beautifully. They know how to combine colors rightly to retain their properties in the heat. After the creation of colorful glass canes,they can be used to produce different glass jewelry, art glass, chandeliers and beads as well.

Murano or Venice glass jewelry is much in fashion now. It is also available in the highest quality. Ensuring easy accessibility, the World Wide Web provides a platform for hassle-free shopping.If you search on the Internet, then you can easily find ideal pieces according to your choice. Authentic Murano art glass websites off era wide variety of jewelry including necklaces, earrings and pendants.


It is very important to know how to buy Murano glass jewelry as there are plenty of options and many fake pieces of jewelry are offered too.  Every Murano glass buyer needs to know that such glass objects are only produced on the island of Murano in Venice, Italy. You are not only having a piece of Murano jewelry but you are actually experiencing a glimpse of rich history also.

3 Reasons to Buy Murano Glass Jewelry

1.    Murano glass jewelry is unique.It gives you an opportunity to express your personal style and individuality. Every piece is distinct. So find a piece that suits you the best.

2.    Murano glass jewelry is 100% handmade in Venice. In every creation of Murano art glass, a piece of artisan’s heart and soul is captured. They have been using the techniques that are age-old. Hence, be a part of century old Venetian traditions.

3.    It is an art. So enjoy being surrounded by a magnificent piece of art on a daily basis.Venice glass makers are artists. They are always on the lookout for creating new eye-catching styles and shapes. Today, they are bestowed with high respect because of their unmatched work.

From exclusive beaded necklaces to earrings and pendants, many Murano glass jewelry object sare handmade by lamp working technique with glass. Glass earrings are submerged in hot modeling and beautiful glass decoration. Choose from options such as Murano art glass bracelets, rings, tie clips, cufflinks, etc. that are available in many patterns. For Venice glass shopping online, is worth visiting since the website can provide you with a host of genuine choices, right from jewelry to sculptures, vases, chandeliers, mirrors, tableware, and so on.