Work of Interior Designers in Murano Glass: True Works of Art

If you are not in a museum but are admiring a work of an interior designer in Murano glass, probably you will be equally fascinated and intrigued. Similar to the Mona Lisa by Da Vinci or the gentle features of the Venus of Milo, the sculptures of the interior designers in Murano glass can be considered works of art to buy, donate or admire. The value of an object made of glass of the island of Murano, starting from the project and inspiration of the most talented designers at the moment is priceless.


Original Murano Glass aims at offering not only a great selection of Murano art glass works by master glassmakers, but also the possibility to customize your objects of design through the work of expert interior designers, who, on commission, create unique works of art in Murano glass.

Choose a Work of Design in Murano Glass


At, you will have the impression of being in an art gallery. Here, you can find unique objects, detailed representations and masterpieces of abstract art coming from the work of the best interior designers in Murano glass. Among the different offerings, you can admire the works of great glass masters such as:

•    Alessandro Barbaro who recreates glass elephants, gazelles, tigers or lions;•    Andrea Tagliapietra who offers delicate and refined ribbons and waves in blown glass;
•    Pino Signoretto whose Lovers figurines are perfect as a gift for a wedding;
•    Salvadore and Studio Afro whose brightly colored vases in ground glass give a modern and sophisticated touch to anyroom.


Choosing to buy for yourself or as a gift a work of the interior design in Murano glass means to buy a work of Murano art glass as a piece of an art gallery. It means, at the same time, to choose the 100% Made in Italy products, without false copies that destroy the professionalism of the designers of Murano glass. Hence, browse through the website to select a Murano glass vase, sculpture, figurine or any other item for you or your beloved ones!


Millefiori Glass Objects – The Fascination of Thousand Flowers

Venetian glasswork techniques are among the highest echelons of craftsmanship the world has ever known. A blend of two Italian words ‘mille’ (thousand) and ‘fiori’ (flowers), millefiori glass making method creates unique patterns on glassware. Primarily practiced by glassmakers on the island of Murano, millefiori technique involves the fusion of multicolor glass canes (known as murrine) by cutting them in a crosswise direction, combining them into novel groups, implanting the groups in crystal clear glass, and blowing the ensuing mass into a preferred shape. Today, it is used to produce different types of objects, including vases, figurines, paperweights, perfume bottles, drinking glasses, earrings, and pendants.
Millefiori Murano glass vases will make a beautiful addition to any home. Some of these vases are full of striking colors and can be littleextravagant.However,certain artists implant just a small number of flowers into a transparent blown Murano glass vase to produceattractive, uncomplicatedpieces of art that would match any room decor. You can find vases in a combination of two or more colors and eye-catching patterns.
Millefiori glassfigurines especially depicting various animals and birds are really stunning. You can choose from figurines of horses, elephants, fishes, ducks, frogs, turtles, doves, dolphins, cats, dogs, butterflies, squirrels, and so on.

There are also scent or perfume bottles made by free hand by Murano art glass masters with attention to the details. You will be easily captivated by the flower designs of these tiny pieces. These perfume bottles can prove to be excellent gifts for any occasion.
The set of millefiori drinking glasses for liquor and whiskey can transform the ambience. Their high quality texture composition with different murrines can set the tone for a wonderful evening.Murano glass jewelry like pendants, beads and earrings is not left untouched by millefiori technique either.
To explore a wide variety of genuine millefiori glass objects, it is recommended to visit that operates from Murano itself. Whether you pick a Murano glass vase, figurine, scent bottle or a piece of jewelry here, you can be assured of the highest quality at the best price. Be a proud owner by buying an unmatched item of Murano art glass today!

Venetian Mirror – Why Is It Much Sought After?

Venice was at the forefront of manufacturing mirrors, which was a continuation of rich glassmaking tradition of Venetian artisans dating back to the thirteenth century. In the fifteenth century, Venetian mirrors were first manufactured on the island of Murano to meet the illumination needs of wealthy and royal families. They were mounted in the palaces and manors to reflect various light sources, which in turn lightened up the rooms significantly. Since then, these mirrors have gone beyond their functional roles to become superlative works of art, capable of reviving any room with their sheer beauty alone.
The frames of Venetian mirrorscan be embellished with hand-blown glass or can be hand-cut, beveled and etched with floral designs. Owning one or more of these mirrors will certainly showcase your class and style to others. These days, many individuals use Venetian wall mirrors as the focal points of their rooms.

The most famous kinds of Venetian or Murano glass mirrors are the blown glass and etched glass items. The etched ones are greatly desired as they come with a variety of embellishments and shapes that make them spectacular. These decorative mirrors can be simple or very intricate with varied additions and colors of engraved and beveled glass.The addition of flowers, cane curls, rosettes and many other creative patterns makes a Venetian mirror truly breathtaking.
When it comes to buying these marvelous mirrors, many people may think about getting them from Venice or Murano directly. With certain entrepreneurs from this island coming forward to sell authentic Venice glass mirrors online, you no longer need to worry about travelingall the way to the region and sourcing these decorative items. These web-based stores ensure that you receive an original Venetian mirror made by Murano glassmakers at your doorstep. They also follow the safest packaging system to make sure that the merchandise reaches you undamaged. In case you are not satisfied with your order, you can even return it to get your money back.
Choosing the right place of installation of your Venetian mirror is paramount. Keep in mind to mount it at a place where its beauty is visible prominently and it can reflect one more precious item in the room. TheseVenice glassmirrorscan easily adapt to any room décor, modern or vintage, and enhance the look considerably. is among the leading destinations on the Internet for the purchase of extraordinary Venetian wall mirrors, table mirrors, furniture and accessories. Based in Murano, it also offers an extensive range of Murano glass lighting fixtures, vases, sculptures, jewelry, bowls, plates, glassware, and so on.