Customize Your Murano Glass Chandelier with Your Style

Are you an interior designer or an architect or a client with a request to personalize your lightings? Do you want to realize your dream to own an exclusive Murano glass chandelier, wall sconce, table and ceiling lamp to suit your style? The team of experts at Original Murano Glass can offer you the best advice to make your most demanding project a grand success.

The Murano glass lighting products offered by this company are handmade by their master glassblowers, piece by piece, according to the ancient Venetian techniques. The artworks are made only after a study of their designers to fit your custom requirements.

Are you interested to know the possibilities and the costs of making a personalized Venetian chandelier? Do you need a quote for your project?

Important Information to be Collected by Their Experts:
•    Tell us the information on the areas to be illuminated
•    Estimate the correct size of the chandelier
•    The number of lights you want
•    Let them know the wiring system of your country
•    The desired style and shape with attention to dimensions of the chandelier
•    The details of the finishes, the colors and the material with which glass will be decorated

The experience and professionalism of Original Murano Glass is appreciated by the most varied and demanding customers worldwide.
The company has achieved success in many tailor-made projects, involving the realization of a custom Murano glass chandelier for a customer’s house with attention to all the little details; for example, the installation of big side art lightings, for a large project like in a hotel hall or palace, where the study of the structure and proportions of the Venetian chandelier becomes critical to achieve the best artistic results.
In more than 10 years, they have done many important projects for luxury palaces and prestigious hotels worldwide. No matter how difficult your Murano glass lighting requirements are, Original Murano Glass is ready to satisfy them all. Take a look at their website to discover the best selection of Murano glass lamps and chandeliers online.


Murano Glass Vase: A Perfect Symbolic Object of Glass Art

You can come across vases made of porcelain, ceramic, metal or wood. However, all those made of Murano glass are the most valuable. From ancient amphoras (jars with two handles and a narrow neck used to hold oil or wine) and carafes to the art of vases in Murano glass, a radical change has taken place in the manner the vases are manufactured and decorated. The Murano art glass represented in the form of vases together with the work of Venetian mirrors is what has made the history of Murano glass so glorifying.

Today, buying a Murano glass vase is no longer tied to a practice need but to an aesthetic need, for example to give a refined touch to a modern wall or to give a floral tone to a room, making it more welcoming. The vases in Murano glass are able to combine the elegance of glass with the particularities of traditional Venetian glassmaking techniques and are in sync with the times too.  Web-based shops like Original Murano Glass are full of examples of artworks in blown Murano glass.

Browse the Gallery of Murano Glass Vases
Thanks to the extensive photo gallery of Murano glass shops online, you can make a real journey through the colors and styles of typical vases in Murano glass. The collection of blown glass vases is rich and offers a host of choices, signed by the masters Veronese and Navagero, and characterized by items decorated in colored “murrine” and silver or opaque glass with soft and round style. The colorful Murano glass vase collection called “Carnival” is hand-decorated in “murrina millefiori”, with strong colors that resonate at every reflection of light, making every vase unique and inimitable.

The exquisiteness of millefiori glass is further showcased yellow, blue or red punk glass collection, little vases and perfume bottle collection, and harlequin mix color glass collection.

Why Do You Have to Buy a Murano Glass Vase?

Buying a Murano glass vase means to own or present a piece of art, hardly repeatable by the glass master as perfectly as the previous one. So, every piece is unique. The blown Murano glass used for the creation of a vase testifies not only the skill and professionalism of the ancient artisans of Murano, but also a tradition that from centuries, from the Renaissance to today, gives only true works of art.
Thus, whether you want to own a marvelous Murano glass vase or Venetian mirror or both to transform your ambience, can satisfy your needs by delivering every product with a Certificate of Authenticity. Don’t forget to browse through their millefiori glass collection that is truly exceptional to the hilt!

Murano Glass Jewelry – Precious Objects as Gifts for Special Occasions

Among the many gift ideas that you can find over the Internet, the Murano glass jewelry items are definitely the most loved by women all over the world. They are the perfect gift for an anniversary or any other important event, to symbolize a bonding or a great affection. Murano or Venice glass can be processed in various manners to give delicate, harmonic forms not only to vases, plates and sculptures, but also to jewelry. Various jewellery pieces in Murano art glass created by experienced artisans give the possibility to choose necklaces, rings, earrings and pendants. The most particular creation is that of glass beads that can augment your beauty with bright colors and different materials.

Choose Your Style and Buy an Ornament in Murano Glass

Trusted online shops operating from the island of Murano itself offer not only a detailed photo gallery but also a better chance to find the most suitable gift for girlfriends or wives. Murano glass jewelry on these websites are handcrafted with different styles and shapes to suit the varying tastes of women, such as long beaded necklaces, candy necklaces, Klimt earrings, Millefiori glass earrings or the particular collection called Denise or Parure. Every precious item in Murano glass can be personalized, for example thinking of a favorite color or a particular color combination.
The Denise jewelry collection containing necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are handmade using the lamp working technique in gold or silver. The blown glass of beautiful pieces is very lightweight and empty inside. To wear just open ends and widen the internal elastic. The collection is the creation of glass master Demio.

The Murano glass bead necklaces are also made with the technique of lamp work. Each bead in them is worked as single piece. They are available in various color mixes and are made by the famous Costantini Glass Beads Studio.
Murano glass jewelry can be defined as wearable sculptures. Like various objects in Murano art glass enrich your house, the jewellery items can embellish a woman in a unique way. Original Murano Glass, a popular Venice glass website based in the island, offers the certificate of authenticity with each item it sells. Hence, you will have the added assurance of purchasing an original object in Murano glass and not a banal plastic imitation.