Rezzonico Murano Glass Chandelier – 6 Beautiful Options for Any Interior

Various Murano glass objects handmade in the island near Venice are the finest examples of topnotch craftsmanship the world has ever witnessed. From sculptures, vases and tableware to mirrors and chandeliers, there is no end to the fascination the expert glassmakers produce in the island of Murano on a daily basis. Adding a Murano glass chandelier to any interior can make the area a rendezvous of style, splendor and sophistication. In this post, we’ll look at 6 big Rezzonico style Murano or Venetian chandeliers for any private or commercial décor.

Before that, we’ll understand what Rezzonico style actually means. The word ‘Rezzonico’ denotes one of the wealthiest families in Venice way back in the 17th century. During this period, this rich family hired a glass artisan to produce a magnificent chandelier for their dance hall in order to flaunt their power and prosperity. Since then, Rezzonico style chandeliers have become very popular and are known for their intricate details and imposing appearance.

Primavera Rezzonico Murano Glass Chandelier
This semi Rezzonico Venetian chandelier featuring 8 + 4 lights arranged systematically comes with predominantly crystal finish as well as shades of green and flowers in multiple colors. Handcrafted in blown glass, the chandelier is designed in antique baroque and rococò Venetian, and can enrich any interior with elegance. It is ideal for large rooms, palaces or hotels.

Sultano Rezzonico Murano Glass Chandelier
This impressive Murano glass lighting fixture features 12 lights in artistic color with pure crystalline finishing and polychrome details.

Zarah Rezzonico Murano Glass Chandelier
This Rezzonico blown glass chandelier has 6 + 3 lights staggered. There is the presence of crystal color with green trim and gold; flowers are in polychrome glass paste.

Petalo Rezzonico Murano Glass Chandelier
A wonderful Venetian chandelier, this lighting fixture comes with 9 lights in artistic glass crystal color with ruby trim and ruby glass paste.

Jessenia Rezzonico Murano Glass Chandelier
This big blown glass chandelier is equipped with 12 + 6 + 3 lights in artistic color with pure crystalline finishing and polychrome details.

Calantha Rezzonico Murano Glass Chandelier
This Rezzonico Murano glass lighting object features 9 lights in Venetian glass crystal and colored glass paste polychrome.

You can find all the above 6 Murano glass chandeliers for sale at that offers a wide variety of small, medium and big chandeliers at discounted prices. So, order a Rezzonico Murano glass chandelier easily online and enjoy their fast and safe worldwide shipping!


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