Murano Glass Mirror – Looking at Its Right Placement in Any Room

When it comes to decorating the interior of a home, office, hotel or restaurant, there are virtually hundreds of options to choose from. One option that is normally used for interior decorations is mounting a beautiful Murano glass mirror on the wall. Although there is no doubt that an original Murano or Venetian mirror can dramatically improve any room décor, it has been found in many cases that these masterpieces are highly underrated due to their incorrect placement in a room setting and can easily be left unnoticed.

A wall mirror, particularly a Venetian wall mirror, is an exceptional piece of furniture that can adorn a room significantly. However, to make this happen, it is essential to place the mirror in such a manner that it easily grabs the attention of onlookers. Choose an area from where this decorative object looks eye-catching and can transform the surroundings. For instance, if there is a dull unadorned wall, mounting an attractive Murano glass mirror in the middle of the wall will not only boost its appearance but also of the entire room. You can also think about placing a matching table or dresser right underneath the mirror for added effect. There are various types of furniture available, apart from the table or dresser, to go well with the mirror.
When you opt for the combination of a Venetian mirror and a table or dresser placed just below the mirror, you should make sure that you’ve got the dimensions of these objects spot on for maximum effect on the interior decoration as well as onlookers. So, it is advisable that the width of the mirror must be more or less two-third of the dresser’s width. This will make both the decorative items compatible with one another, which in turn will greatly improve the wall and room alike.

First produced in the island of Murano at the start of the sixteenth century, Venetian mirrors continue to mesmerize even the most discerning buyers all over the world. Be it the multistage handcrafting process, design featuring flower, vine and leaf scrolls, or luster, everything is so special about these mirrors. Hence, if you’re planning to adorn your home or office, just give maximum importance to adding a Murano glass mirror no matter what your interior design technique is.

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Murano Glass Lighting Items Create an Aura of Brilliance and Opulence

Murano glass needs no introduction today. Exclusively produced in the small island of Murano in the Venetian Lagoon, northern Italy, it has been enamoring countless hearts across the world over several centuries. The way various Murano glass objects are made is still a mystery for many. Murano glass lighting fixtures, especially chandeliers, have become the most coveted items thanks to their spectacular designs that make them unmatched on this planet. Originated in the eighteenth century, the Venetian lighting is a unique form of craftsmanship accomplished through several age-old glassmaking techniques.

Whether it is Murano glass chandelier, wall lamp, ceiling lamp or table lamp, every piece is adeptly handcrafted by gifted artisans belonging to this island. Consequently, no piece is identical in design to another one, so you can really be proud of owning a unique lighting fixture.

To meet the tastes and preferences of contemporary buyers, the Venetian glassmakers are coming up with lots of trendy and fashionable designs for their chandeliers while persisting with the same traditional methods of producing them. With the addition of a Venetian chandelier, you can surely revive a dull atmosphere to make it livelier and more opulent. Apart from the elaborate designs, the skilled artisans can also ensure varying illumination effects through the positioning and number of lights.

In the beginning, Murano glass chandeliers were mostly used to light up large halls. With the passage of time, they turned out to be more detailed and stylish. In addition to performing their primary illumination role, they are presently a fascinating way to enhance any interior décor. Undoubtedly, these branched lighting fixtures can be noticed in palaces and mansions of the affluent individuals. Venetian chandeliers truly symbolize luxury and extravagance.
Murano glass lighting fixtures are a rare combination of eternal works of art, functionality and style (both classic and contemporary) to perfectly match all kinds of furniture. They are handcrafted to the maximum possible standards, using a host of methods and with maximum attention to the functional aspects of all the electrical and mounting elements. Because of the years and years of hard work of the glass artists and artisans, Murano glass chandeliers, wall lamps and ceiling lamps have gained amazing popularity all over the world.

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