Venetian Mirror – Some Tips to Select the Right One

A Venetian mirror is not like an ordinary mirror; it is a marvelous piece of art enthralling the populace all over the world. There is no need to go for a big mirror because even a small one can give an unbelievable makeover to your room. As a matter of fact, Venetian mirrors, also called Murano glass mirrors because of their exclusive production in the island of Murano, are among the most favorite objects of interior designers. Here, we’ll share some useful tips with our readers in order to help them select the right Murano glass mirror.

When it comes to listing the areas that produce large amounts of glass and mirrors in the world, Venice in general and Murano in particular would definitely top the list. The mirrors produced in this region are well-known for their unique designs and craftsmanship. The magnificent designs coupled with the quality of Venetian mirrors make sure that they are greatly desired accessories to transform any home. Although they were the prerogative of royal families initially, now anyone regardless of the social status can own this exquisite work of art without spending a fortune. However, it is advisable not to buy an excessively cheap item if you really want to relish its beauty for a long period of time.

Murano glass mirrors come with some special characteristics that make them stand out from conventional ones. For example, they feature ornately designed borders consisting of flowers and leaves. So, you can mount them at any place in the house without worrying too much about the accessories to encircle them. Actually, the best thing you can do is to put a Venetian mirror on a plain wall and witness the instant transformation the room will receive. Moreover, when mirrors are placed in a planned manner, the light gets reflected into the room in a specific way, thereby filling the space with greater vividness and vigor.

Keep in mind that a Murano glass mirror is a masterwork and must not be mistreated per se. Make it as prominent as possible while mounting it in any room of your choice. Always try to make it a centerpiece and it won’t disappoint you!
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Apparently, you will also need to take into account the mirror size you purchase. At times, a small mirror will be enough to transform a standard-size room. However, you need to opt for a bigger one if it is a hall or fairly large room. You can come across a Venetian mirror for sale in an array of sizes. Hence, browse through all the available options and choose one that fits your room perfectly.

Prior to the installation of your Venetian mirror, ensure that the wall is able to carry its weight. In many cases, the mirrors fall down and get destroyed completely within minutes of mounting them on the wall. Always avoid a soft brick wall or plaster board; otherwise, get ready to collect the ruins of your valuable piece of art almost immediately.

If you are on the lookout for a relatively economical way to give your home or office a facelift, then a Murano glass mirror is the best bet. Specialized websites like can offer you plenty of stunning Venetian mirrors at affordable prices and deliver the order at your doorstep safely and quickly. Always go for an authentic Venetian mirror for sale online so that you can truly be proud of your prized possession!


Murano Glass Chandelier – Lighting at Its Luxurious Best

A Murano glass chandelier has a glorious past as well as present. Even after so many centuries of its origin, its popularity has not died down a bit. Chandeliers exclusively made in the island of Murano are synonymous with luxury and splendor. They are a magnificent adornment to any space and create a distinctive aura with its flawless structure. You can give a considerable account of your persona and taste by decorating your interior with a Venetian or Murano chandelier. These Murano glass lighting fixtures along with wall lamps, ceiling lamps, and table lamps are available in a wide range of traditional and modern styles today.

From luxurious hotels and restaurants to mansions and country houses, a Venetian chandelier has made its presence felt in all kinds of settings. Areas that need a majestic appeal call for the inclusion of such exquisite lighting fixtures handcrafted by gifted glass artisans. Thanks to the skill and tenacity of these elite individuals, Murano glass continues to be a wonderful creation full of grace and charisma.

Various Murano glass lighting options leave a spectacular impact on the whole environment. They emanate a level of sophistication that will certainly grab the notice of others and create a focal point as well. Murano glass chandeliers for sale come in different styles and shapes. While some styles are rather intricate, others are simple or made according to individual requirements. The size of the fixture has a lot to do with the room size.

There are some Murano glass chandelier sizes made to create a center of attention and this is specifically applicable for big rooms where chandeliers are mounted at the center of the ceiling to generate a focus of public attention in a gorgeous manner. At the time of mulling over the design or size, it is important to know the purpose of the lighting fixture. Installing these fixtures is a straightforward task and can have a significant impact on the entire appearance of your room.

These days, Murano glass chandeliers for sale can go well with different types of interior decoration. They can even emphasize the particular tastes and preferences of the space owner. The availability of enormous range of designs makes Venetian chandeliers an ideal choice for business offices since they can effortlessly adapt to the surroundings.

In many instances, a Murano glass wall lamp is a part of the Venetian chandelier collection. Hence, it becomes easier to build a harmonious decoration in your room by blending the two fixtures. Nevertheless, certain individuals love to omit a light source at the center and solely depend upon wall lamps to adorn the room. This is a possibility when they select from contemporary collections.

A Murano glass table lamp is a somewhat standalone option since it is primarily used to generate an added source of light inside the room. The table lamps can be a part of the collection already installed in the room or completely neutral because they are not going to disturb the synchronization. They are capable of holding their own identity.

Whether it is Murano glass chandelier, wall lamp, ceiling or table lamp, an enjoyable and affordable shopping online can be made possible at that stocks the widest range of Murano glass lighting fixtures by the number of lights, style and size. It is worth browsing through their range today!