Consider a Unique Murano Glass Gift for the Upcoming Christmas

An original Murano glass gift offers the perfect opportunity to make Christmas 2015 very memorable for the recipient. It is undoubtedly a special, customized and precious gift. Various beautiful Murano objects you may consider to gift include jewels, sculptures, vases, frames or watches, tableware (plates, dishes and glassware), mirrors, and other works of art. There are lots of ideas of great value for a Christmas gift Murano glass (Italian: regalo natale in vetro di Murano), all signed by expert glass artisans who, with their ability and experience, produce a 100% made in Italy object for customers. These items can be easily purchased from popular online shops that offer certificates of authenticity with each piece for sale as an original handmade Murano glass work.

It is possible to choose from plenty of objects thanks to a wide range of gift ideas you will appreciate visiting a specialized online shop. You will be offered the chance to customize each item you need or like, according to the tastes of people you love to whom you wish to dedicate a special gift for Christmas. You may choose from different colors, themes or particular representations in order to create a glass gift that symbolizes a friendship or Christmas time. It is only because of the ability of the artisans applying the art of Murano glass to the objects they produce, following an ancient tradition and giving form to unique and authentic pieces. A Christmas gift Murano glass is not only an object but a work of art and an expression of love.
Likewise, various Murano glass items can make your selection for corporate gifts (Italian: regali aziendali) a lot easier. They can give the recipient a lot of cherished moments, due to the value of this particular kind of work as well as the great virtuosity of Italian artisans who devote themselves to this job following a tradition which dates back to ancient times. Their skills and experiences facilitate the creation of the best artworks in Italy.

Because of the competence and knowledge of glassmakers in Murano, companies can choose and customize their own corporate gifts (regali aziendali) to dedicate to their employees or co-workers on special holidays or occasions like Christmas. There are many ideas companies, managers, event organizers and promoters can find over the Internet. There are also many other customized Murano glass gift solutions available that involve the creation of a Christmas gift Murano glass (regalo natale in vetro di Murano) with the mark, logo or ideology of a company.
Unique corporate gifts, precious and rich in value, are handmade with care by artisans according to the ideas of the company. Gifts like bottle stoppers, dishes, plates, watches, frames, fountain pens, vases, goblets, and so on can be custom-made to represent better the company’s image during meetings in which it’s important to give a good image of themselves. This will enable your mark to be remembered and recognized by many people. So, whether you seek a personal or corporate gift for the forthcoming Christmas, a Murano glass gift is the ideal solution for all of your needs.


Discovering the Magic of a Murano Glass Mirror

As we have seen in several posts of this blog, Murano glass (Italian: vetro di Murano) offers endless possibilities for application. One of these is a Venetian mirror, the origin of which can be dated back to the Italian Renaissance. Actually the spread of the mirrors with metallic coating, according to the Venetian tradition, started some centuries before, namely between the end of the twelfth century and the beginning of the thirteenth century.

However, during the Renaissance, the city of Venice became a focal point (together with Nuremberg) for the production of these special mirrors, denoting a unique and inimitable way of processing and creating solutions of incredible artistic value. In this setting, Murano glass plays a decisive role. In fact, it is an extraordinary material, able to enrich the frame and deliver the same reflective surface.

How a True Murano Glass Mirror Was Born
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Distinguishing an authentic Venetian mirror from other mirror types can be accomplished by looking at the complexity and technical skills behind its creation. Unlike an industrial product or also an “handmade” ordinary mirror, a Murano glass mirror is handcrafted with the help of at least three different specialized artisans. The artisans involved are, in order, the carpenter for the structure, the glassmaker for the cutting and processing of the mirror itself and finally the glazier for the decorations. All these individuals work together to come up with different sizes, shapes, embellishments, colors and designs of mirrors. The result? A masterpiece is always new and always different!

Venetian Mirror Collections
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Leading online stores like select and evaluate the Venetian mirrors one by one to offer the best of products made in Italy only. The website sells four collections at the moment:
1.    Venetian wall mirrors
2.    Modern and custom mirrors – new design collections
3.    Venetian table mirrors
4.    Furniture and accessories with Murano glass mirror

Each Venetian mirror offered at this website is accompanied by a regular certificate of authenticity that certifies the origin and demonstrates the use of 100% original Murano glass (vetro di Murano). Explore immediately its catalogue and enjoy your shopping with confidence!

Murano Glass Chandelier, Wall Lamp and Table Lamp – Enjoy Precious Light for Your Home

Among numerous objects created through the art of glassmaking, precious Murano glass lighting items are certainly the most refined. Since the Renaissance, their production has been carried out in order to create Murano chandeliers (Italian: lampadari di Murano), wall lamps and table lamps of different shapes and sizes. These lighting fixtures can transform any space in a flash. Whether it is a modern house with bold colors, a classic house with wooden furniture and light colors or a house in country style, a Murano glass chandelier can match perfectly in style and color with any room. Thanks to a well-established tradition, specialized web-based shops like Original Murano Glass offer many different solutions to illuminate your space through the Murano appliques (Italian: applique di Murano) and chandeliers.

How to Choose the Perfect Murano Glass Lighting Fixture

First of all, it is necessary to think about the lighting which best suits each room or environment in your house. It is not only a necessity but it also adds style and that “something extra” which will make your bedroom, bathroom, living room or hall relaxing. When your relaxation area gets lightened up in a stylish manner, it becomes welcoming for the family members as well as guests.

The Murano glass lighting ideas are literally endless. There are many styles and sizes of fixtures available in Murano glass (Italian: vetro di Murano), which are briefly explained below.

These Venetian chandeliers are offered in many exquisite styles such as classic, aquatic, rezzonico, lance, floral, pastoral, nouveau, and liberty. You may also consider factors like number of lights (3, 4, 5, 6 or more than 8) and size (small, medium or large) before placing your order online. All Murano chandeliers (lampadari di Murano) are handcrafted in accordance with the ancient Venetian glassmaking tradition.

Table Lamps

A Murano glass table lamp, although small in size, can beguile the onlookers with its look and craftsmanship. Handmade using blown glass technique, the table lamps come in stunning designs especially floral ones and color combinations.

Wall Lamps and Appliques
Murano appliques (applique di Murano) and wall lamps are not to be missed for your home since their presence will add a dramatic effect to any interior decoration. You can combine a Murano glass wall lamp with a matching chandelier, table lamp and ceiling lamp. Colorful floral designs are also very popular in this category of lighting.

Ceiling Lamps
Ceiling lamps featuring artistic crystal glass and floral decorations can compliment a Murano glass chandelier perfectly. They are a wonderful combination of beauty and functionality.

Candle Holders and Jewish Menorahs

Murano glass candle holders are handcrafted using lampworking technique. The glass masters create them in many striking colors. Similarly, Jewish Menorahs or candelabra carry immense value, meaning and impact. They pay rich tribute to the old Jewish tradition. Many of these candelabra are made with 24k gold fired in glass. provides a huge updated photo gallery that will allow you to choose your preferred Murano glass table lamp, chandelier, wall lamp, ceiling lamp or candle holder with ease. All of the Murano glass lighting items here are CE certified and can be customized to meet your specific needs for number of lights, shape and colors. Every item is accompanied by a certificate, which confirms its authenticity.