Venetian Mirror – Add the Timeless Elegance to Your Home

Venice in general and Murano in particular are well-known for their time-honored glassmaking tradition. And, a Venetian mirror epitomizes this rich tradition flawlessly. Handmade by adroit artisans, all of these mirrors have been able to sustain their ‘exclusive’ label for a prolonged time period. Even in this high-tech world, glassmakers from the small island of Murano are using the same traditional techniques of the eighteenth and nineteenth century to create a wide variety of luxurious mirrors. The peerless craftsmanship of these skilled individuals is apparent when someone looks at the selection for sale these days. Every piece has its own magnetism that is reflected through its polished surface and intricate design elements.

When it comes to judging a Murano glass mirror, it will be an uphill task even for a connoisseur to detect flaws in the object. The presence of several fascinating characteristics makes these mirrors really special. In addition to their supreme lucidity, they are extremely lightweight and sparkling in color. The Venetian mirrors also own the unbelievable property of ductility that ensures their availability in many fantastic forms.

Most of these masterpieces boast of meticulously crafted flowers, leaves and ribbons. These subtle details are actually the distinctive features of Murano glass mirrors and set them apart from other mirror types. The process of handcrafting them goes through multiple steps. Every piece of clear or tinged glass that forms the elaborate structure of the mirror is cut and blown manually. The Venetian mirror is first shaped and polished. Subsequently, the design is engraved by hand into the surface of the mirror. These days, many mirrors are fused with gold or silver to make them even more glittering.  In the end, the artwork is assembled and fastened onto the wooden frame of the mirror by expert glass artisans and carpenters.
Every Murano glass mirror brings with its amazing values. When you buy one of these artistic pieces, you in fact embrace a captivating, mystifying and romantic piece of history. Even after so many centuries, the Venetian mirrors give their owners a sense of fulfillment and pride. They are offered in all sorts of shapes you can imagine. From rectangle, square and octagon to oval and circle, you can find each shape in an array of sizes, designs, colors and paint engravings.
The biggest benefit of these mirrors is their versatility since you can mount one in your bedroom, bathroom, hall or any other room without worrying about its existing décor. They have the ability to blend with any décor and give it a facelift singlehandedly. If you wish to buy a Venetian mirror handmade in Murano only, then there is no better place than that offers an unmatched collection of wall mirrors, table mirrors as well as furniture and accessories to complement them. Your Murano glass mirror shopping can be best accomplished here!


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