Stunning Murano Glass Objects to Transform Your Interior Decoration

Our world is full of exquisite objects available in countless designs and shapes. A mere glance at them is enough to fascinate you and others endlessly. Various Murano glass objects are a perfect example of such unmatched exquisiteness that has been amusing the world for over eight centuries. Homeowners who wish to add exclusivity to their interior decoration should opt for Murano glass items only and nothing else! Below are 4 types of Murano glass (Italian: vetro di Murano) that can do wonders to your home interior.

Murano Glass Vase

A Murano glass vase can draw great appreciations from even the most exacting connoisseurs of art. Handcrafted by the traditional glassmakers from the island of Murano who use the same glass blowing techniques practiced by their predecessors years ago, these vases are unbelievably attractive in their shapes and colours. They are either single-coloured or multi-coloured, but one thing that is 100% certain is they are lustrous enough to grab attention of anyone instantly. Just put a vase on the table in any room and you can easily transform its décor! Since these vases are intricate works of art accomplished by individual artists, no two objects look exactly the same. Though they are often used as standalone decorative pieces, you can use them to showcase a lovely flower arrangement as well.

A Murano glass vase can be chosen from plenty of varieties such as Veronese blown collection, Zen collection, Navagero collection, bright blue blown collection, Bacchus designs, Afro Masai collection, yellow punk murrine collection, etc. If you’re on the lookout for a Murano glass gift for wedding, birthday, Christmas, Saint Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion, you now know what to choose.

Murano Glass Chandelier
Murano glass lighting items like candle holders and chandeliers have been highly popular among masses from the onset of second millennium. In fact, they were among the first creations from the island to be noticed across the world. Chandeliers, in particular, were exported to different corners of the world since the beginning of the twelfth century and it brought glory and prosperity to the Murano glassmakers.

No lighting fixture can exceed the beauty of a Murano glass chandelier. Capable of adding sophistication and uniqueness to any room, these chandeliers will captivate you with their ornate details and gold decorations. And, the perfection that Venetian artisans bring to these objects through their craftsmanship is hard to express in words. Today, various Murano glass lighting options include table lamps, Jewish Menorah and candle holders apart from chandeliers.

Murano Glass Mirror
The magnetism of vetro di Murano for your home will be incomplete if you don’t add in a Murano glass mirror that stands out from other mirrors in appearance and craftsmanship. Venetian mirrors are not normally framed in other materials; instead, gifted artisans fix a bevelled glass frame on the sides of the mirrors artistically and painstakingly. These frames are generally decorated with intricate flowers, leaves, ribbons, and geometric patterns.

A Venetian mirror is not only aesthetically stunning, but it is fully functional as well. It is able to illuminate the room further by reflecting light from other sources. Mount it on your wall and your room will appear more spacious. A Murano glass mirror can transform a dull, dark room into something extraordinary. You can find them in both vintage and modern styles nowadays.

Murano Glass Sculpture

Murano glass artists specialise in the creation of all shapes and sizes of sculptures involving animals, birds, fishes, boats, human beings, and lovers. These figurines and statues will add a luxury touch to your living room, bedroom, dining room or foyer. They are marked by their impressive clarity of even the most petite details. The supreme skill of glass masters in portraying very small attributes gracefully is always commendable.

You can choose a Murano glass sculpture from a wide variety of themes from real world, thus making it a great gift choice for any occasion too. From weddings and anniversaries to Christmas and corporate gifts (Italian: regali aziendali), Murano sculptures can easily strike a chord with the recipients. The animal collections depicting a horse, bull, tortoise, dolphin, elephant, bull, antelope, and deer are hugely popular today.

Hence, all these 4 vetro di Murano types can redefine your interior decoration and lend it a magnificent atmosphere. Whether you want to shop for a Murano glass vase, chandelier, mirror or sculpture, is a comprehensive shop online to visit right away!


Want to Present a Fabulous Gift on a Special Occasion? Murano Glass Is the Best Choice

Murano glass (Italian: vetro di Murano) with a long chronicle of glorious craftsmanship has been able to carve out an unparalleled reputation across the world. Today, you can come across a huge collection of different Murano glass items to enhance any interior decoration as well as the beauty of individuals. Every piece of art that is handmade in the small island of Murano is exclusive and precious for their owners. So, when it comes to presenting something extraordinary on a special occasion, various Murano glass gift options should be earnestly considered to provide the recipient with years of happiness and cherished memories.

Christmas and New Year

A Christmas gift Murano glass (Italian: regalo natale in vetro di Murano) is the finest option for this much awaited occasion of the year. The rich culture and tradition of Italy in general and Venice in particular can be experienced during the Christmas and New Year when people here decorate their homes in a lavish manner and involve themselves in nonstop festivities. Murano glass artisans continue the long tradition of embellishing abodes and Christmas trees in the country with exquisite objects featuring rich colours and gold or silver accents. Since the occasion is also well-known for people exchanging gifts with one another, a Christmas glass gift idea (Italian: idea regalo natale vetro) is offered in many possibilities. Handcrafted using age-old glassmaking techniques like murrine, lampwork and chalcedony, excellent gift choices include angels, lampworked candlesticks, Christmas gondolas, cross pendants made with the fused glass technique, and various types of intricate murrine jewellery.


At the time of choosing a wedding gift, you need to make sure that it is exceptional as well as romantic. It also needs to symbolise the occasion and become an immense sentimental value cherished for a long time by the recipient. Murano glass wedding gifts (Italian: regalo matrimonio vetro) fulfil these criteria completely. Go for a Murano glass vase or sculpture available in a wide range of traditional and contemporary designs to meet every taste and preference. The blown Zen vases selection in gorgeous colours, shapes and patterns can prove to be an excellent choice. Similarly, you can choose a Murano glass sculpture from categories such as animals, birds, abstract selection, aquariums, limited edition artworks, etc.


Selecting an anniversary gift can be a bit tricky because it should express our admiration of the years gone by and the best wishes for amazing days to come in the future. So, it needs to be unique and thought-provoking. For wedding anniversaries, lovers sculptures depicting a man and woman tightly hugging each other are perfect and can evoke sweet emotions from the couples. One more outstanding Murano glass gift choice is the sailing boat collection in multiple colours. These boats stand for a successful journey that the recipient will undertake in the life ahead.

Valentine’s Day
Saint Valentine’s Day is an all-important day for lovers to celebrate their eternal love and intimacy. They mark this occasion by presenting memorable gifts to their partners. Some of the popular Murano glass gifts for this romantic occasion include beautiful birds on a boat, love hearts on a gondola, love heart bottle stoppers, lovers sculptures, pendants, necklaces, and earrings.

Corporate Events

Vetro di Murano as corporate gifts (Italian: regali aziendali) has found numerous takers nowadays. On several occasions like meetings, conferences, specific business events, anniversaries, and Christmas holidays, corporate houses usually present gifts to their employees, partners or customers as a token of appreciation. Different Murano glass objects can meet their gift needs perfectly. When it comes to regali aziendali, companies, promoters, event organisers, and managers can consider options like bottle stoppers, dishes, plates, watches, frames, fountain pens, blown glass vases, goblets, and so on. All of these Murano glass items can be handmade in large quantities and at low prices to fit your budget. The same traditional Venetian techniques are employed for their production.
A Murano glass gift is the best choice for any occasion you can think of. From Christmas gift Murano glass (regalo natale in vetro di Murano) and wedding to anniversary and corporate event, you’ll have plenty of alternatives to select from and create a long-lasting impact on the recipients. offering a huge collection of genuine Murano items can make gift shopping a fast and hassle-free experience online.

Murano Glass Mirror and Chandelier – Why Are They Important for Any Décor?

Since the thirteenth century, Murano glass (Italian: vetro di Murano) has been a wonder captivating innumerable hearts all around the world with its tradition, beauty, and craftsmanship. At a time when the chemical science was at its nascent stage, glassmakers from the Italian island of Murano, located to the north of Venice, were able to create intricately shaped glass objects by mixing silica or fine sand, sodium, and some basic minerals for colors. With the help of their furnaces and simple tools, they have been skillfully producing a wide variety of items that are not only appealing and sought after but functional as well. Two such varieties that can transform any décor in a flash are Murano glass mirror and chandelier. We’ll look at both of them one by one and try to find out why they can be so special for your home.

In the 16th century, Murano or Venetian mirrors were expensive, uncommon and decorating the walls of affluent families only. But, only a few would have imagined then that these magnificent pieces would become a focal point of many homes, offices, restaurants and hotels some centuries afterwards. Today, a Venetian mirror is much more accessible compared to earlier times.

One unmatched quality of all Venetian mirrors is they can be used as standalone decorative pieces. Unlike other mirror types, they don’t need matching furniture or accessories to complement their splendor. Just mount a Murano mirror on the wall and enjoy the transformed look of your décor instantly.

It is not to be surprised. Complexity is the hallmark of Venetian mirrors. They have sweeping arc designs and extensive lines. The edges are likely to be prominent and flawless. You can find them in all shapes and sizes. The border generally features ornate details and looks elegant without getting too extravagant. A Murano glass mirror is ideal for any room in your home, including living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, and foyer.

These ornamental mirrors are widely acclaimed for their unbelievable artwork. From elaborate rosettes and mirrored edges to faultlessly engraved cuttings, every object is finished with perfection so that you can have an ambience full of luster and luxury. Since a Venetian mirror is easily compatible with any design or color scheme, it would come in handy for passionate interior designers who can look to this decorative object when decorating a room. So, who can avoid the temptation of adding a beautiful and versatile Murano mirror to their interiors?

Next, we’ll turn our attention to Murano glass lighting in general and Murano glass chandelier in particular. In addition to Murano tableware and mirrors, one more highly sought after item in the early sixteenth century was an oil lamp. At that time, people realized that besieging a light source with glass would ensure the most optimal dispersion of light and the most effective illumination of the area. Hence, the overwhelming success of Murano glass lighting lamps promoted glass masters to create chandeliers and pendant lighting items.

Like mirrors, Venetian chandeliers are known for their ornate details. These branched lighting fixtures can add magnificence and glitter to any space. That’s why they are often found in big hotels or commercial centers that require an arresting look to attract more footfalls into their premises.

A Murano glass chandelier is not like any other fixture made to illuminate a room. The materials used in its creation belong to a really long artisan tradition of several centuries. So, when you buy this chandelier, you’re actually becoming a part of rich history created by Venetian glass masters with passion and fervor. Murano glass (vetro di Murano) is undoubtedly supreme in quality and among the finest kinds of art glass on the planet.

Although original Murano chandeliers are not cheap, there are choices available to suit every budget and style. You can now choose from classic floral patterns, modernistic designs and even futuristic forms. In addition to traditional designs involving clear glass and golden hue, the present-day items feature colorful swirls in green, red, and black. Apart from chandeliers, Murano glass lighting options include table lamps, Jewish menorah, and candle holders.

Both Venetian mirror and chandelier have somewhat identical history to follow and both are important for revamping any décor. You can easily buy either of them from an online shop nowadays. Browse through a wide array of products from the leisure of your home and place your order in a few clicks! Before purchasing a Murano glass mirror or chandelier online, make certain that the seller sources authentic products made in Murano, Italy only. It would be even better if they’re based in that region. meets these criteria fully and is worth considering for your purchases.

Various Murano Glass Gift Options to Make Any Occasion Memorable

Gift has been a symbol of love, affection and appreciation in our society. Human beings, whether they are in personal, social or business relationships, present gifts to others who matter to them the most on special occasions like Christmas, wedding, baby shower, birthday, business foundation day, and so on. What to present is often a dilemma for people who have to choose from unlimited options available today. However, to ensure a maximum possible positive impact on the recipient, there is no better option than a Murano glass gift. Yeah, it’s a reality! Regardless of the occasion you’ve, Murano glass (Italian: vetro di Murano) would certainly offer something spectacular matching the event.
Exchanging gifts has become the essence of the present-day Christmas celebration. And, Christmas gift Murano glass (Italian: regalo natale in vetro di Murano) has plenty of options to choose from. From delicate bead jewelry, watches, goblets, centerpieces and vases to overwhelming sculptures, chandeliers and mirrors, the list is just endless! Meticulously handcrafted by gifted glass masters on the island of Murano, every item is unique in itself, portraying an ancient Venetian glassmaking technique, fascinating design and shape, and rich finish. Looking for an affordable Christmas glass gift idea (Italian: idea regalo natale vetro)? Then, opt for various Murano glass candle holders made with lampwork technique. These candlestick glass arts can prove to be memorable Christmas gifts for the recipients. Other gift options for this jovial occasion include bottle stoppers, Christmas gondolas, photo frames, watches, plates, vases, goblets, etc.

Wedding is another special occasion commemorated by gifts galore. While the newlyweds present their guests with wedding favors, the guests also wish the couple a happy married life giving away beautiful gifts. Different Murano glass wedding gifts (Italian: regalo matrimonio vetro) may range from a heart-shaped bottle stopper, collection of plates and photo frames, and figurine to centerpiece, pitcher and flower table mirror.

Handmade in Murano, a table Venetian mirror features an elaborate flower and leaf decoration in multiple colors. Supported by a wooden structure, this artistic piece is a masterwork of skilled mirror artisans who create it with full attention to details. Like other Murano glass or vetro di Murano objects, it is not mass-produced, but crafted in accordance with the age-old Venetian tradition.
Apart from Christmas and wedding, a Murano glass gift is hugely popular in the corporate sector as well. You’ll find many mesmerizing choices that would certainly appeal to your employees, partners or customers. A fountain pen handcrafted with lampwork technique is always a great choice for corporate gifts (Italian: regali aziendali). You can also purchase a set of pens in different colors, accompanied by a decent box and ink to write. One more option is a Murano glass vase made with a special glass blowing technique. Available in a host of unique shapes and designs, each piece boasts of unmatched engravings and an exquisite blend of several shades. You may also go for a blown glass goblet offered in a variety of finishes and intricate details. The history of Venice says that the Doge (the king of Venice) wanted to drink with a different goblet every day, so there was a competition between the glass masters to make the most beautiful drinking goblet.

From Christmas gift Murano glass (regalo natale in vetro di murano) to wedding and corporate gifts (regali aziendali), you can consider these masterpieces for many different occasions and create a long-lasting impact on the recipient. is the online superstore for any wedding, valentine, corporate or Christmas glass gift idea (idea regalo natale vetro) matching your budget.