Looking for Original Murano Glass? Always Be Sure of What You Are Buying

Are you looking forward to buying an Italian Murano glass item? But you have been scared by doubts like these: Is it original? Is it made in Murano? Is it a China glass? For people like you, this article is worth reading.

If you buy a Murano glass on the Internet or from a physical shop, many times you could take home a glass made in China or East Europe. Really? Unbelievable? But it is true. Murano glass has a tradition made of centuries of history, and it is really a unique and great world heritage, but in the last 30 years it suffered from a wrong idea of globalization (as many of “made in Italy” products). In few words: copies and cloning from other countries. Low quality, industrial production is the topmost feature of these copies, instead of high art level and handmade craft of Murano isle glasses.

It is difficult to believe, but the millions of tourists coming every year to Venice have often caused the growth of a lot of shops selling low quality and low priced glass saying they are from Murano. But it is not the truth.

These shops can make easy revenues taking advantage of the demand of non-conscious consumers. So we have a strange situation: orders to master craftsmen of Murano are really going down, and orders for imported low quality glasses are growing up. A lot of local associations for the protection of the original Murano products have criticized and denounced this situation, that has also a big relevance in local newspapers, but it is not easy to uproot this system.

For these reasons, the Veneto Region and the “Consorzio per la promozione del vetro di Murano” (the consortium of Murano glass master craftsmen) have decided to create a new brand (Vetro Artistico Murano®) to certificate the origin of glass products. Producers who use this brand have to be certified and legally recognized as producers of the isle of Murano (Law No. 70 of 12/23/1994).

This is an absolute guarantee of origin of the product of the island that you can find with the brand numbered with the logo. This brand is a warranty for the consumer and a precious protection for “made in Italy”. When you are inside a shop, you can ask if they participate in this consortium and make them show you the logo Vetro Artistico Murano®. You have also to know that some Murano producers do not participate in the consortium. The reasons are long to explain, but finally they prefer to be independent or they believe that their name, brand and skills protect them by themselves. This happens also for some small laboratories. If a shop or a producer does not have the logo Vetro Artistico Murano®, be more careful in your choice, and ask for detailed information.

Ask the seller the name of the Italian Murano glass artist, look for his sign on the glass (many times the masters sign their products). If you are buying an expensive product such as an artistic Murano glass vase, mirror or chandelier, make it evaluated by an expert, or look at the producer website to see if the product is really the same. Often a big discount or a too low price is an indication of a fake product, especially if it has no guarantee. Just becoming a conscious buyer, you will be sure to buy an original Murano glass product to exhibit in your house or office or to make a unique gift.
Of course, all the products including Murano glass jewellery, sculptures, vases, mirrors and chandeliers of OriginalMuranoGlass.com are exclusively made in Murano isle, and they can give you all the warranties mentioned above.


Venetian Glass Mirrors – Looking at Their Specialty and Craftsmanship

Any room adorned with an elegant Venetian glass mirror will boast of a classic aura that is just difficult to perceive by our senses. These reflective masterpieces are among the most sought after furnishings for a dramatic home improvement. And, adding them to your interior decoration will be one of the smartest decisions you ever make. Thanks to the might of the Internet, the market is literally flooded with countless designs of Venetian mirrors, so you need to ensure that you’re actually buying an original product and not a counterfeit.

Basking in the glory of past four centuries or more, Venetian mirrors are also recognized by the name ‘Murano glass mirrors’ since they have mostly been produced on the island of Murano which is located at a short distance from Venice. In the sixteenth century, glassmakers from Murano started to create mirrors in a proficient manner and their customers were largely royals and aristocrats. Apparently, the items were very costly and uncommon. However, the scenario changed with the passage of time and nowadays, Venetian mirrors are adored and admired by individuals all over the world. Fortunately, you no longer need to belong to a royal family for relishing the eternal elegance of a Murano glass mirror. You can now find several of these artistic pieces at reasonable rates.

Venetian glass mirrors have many intricate features that set them apart from other mirrors. They are well-known for their elongated lines and sweeping curves. From rectangles to ovals, circles and octagons, they are produced in an array of shapes. Certain objects even feature subtle engraving around the border of the glass. Rosettes, rococo scroll motifs, fruiting vines, flowers and different leaf designs are the distinctive attributes of Murano glass (Italian: Murano vetro) mirrors. These masterworks are widely appreciated for their attention to details without getting too flashy or uneven. You can mount a Venetian mirror on the wall of any bedroom, foyer, bathroom or formal room and take the décor to the next level. It can be used as a stand-alone fixture and doesn’t need other accents or accessories.

Another exceptional feature of Murano glass mirrors is they are usually without a frame. Alternatively, their striking shape and engraved design functions as a frame. Normally, the production of these brilliant mirrors goes through 16 different phases. There is the faceting phase that involves beveling the glass edges at accurate angles. The glass artisans then cut the facets one by one prior to their polish. The outcome is an exceptional mirror with its reflective splendor since every individual facet captures the light.

Once faceting is over, Murano glass masters begin to showcase their unmatched craftsmanship by creating various borders and patterns through the alterations of pressure, direction and angle. They skillfully etch the floral patterns in a painstaking and protracted process.
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In the final phase, silvering is applied to the glass by implementing an age-old technique so that the Venetian glass mirrors keep reflecting brilliance for many generations to come. Before signing off, there is one tip for homeowners. Place your Murano vetro mirror across from a window as this way the mirror will be able to reflect the light and generate a more shining and fascinating ambience.