5 Popular Categories of Murano Glass Items to Choose from Online

Glass is one of the most beautiful creations by human beings and has been a source of imagination and inspiration for countless individuals around the world. When we talk about Murano glass, the level of excitement goes up all of a sudden and it is not surprising because this popular form of glass has been basking in its glory of rich tradition and craftsmanship for the past eight centuries. From a small island situated near the shore of Venice, Italy, various Murano glass items handmade by an elite class of artisans have reached every nook and corner of the world. With online shopping growing in stature like never before, buying a high-quality and authentic product of this exclusive craft is no longer a difficult task for the masses.

Gone are the days when Murano glass objects were solely decorating the homes of rich and famous people owing to their high pricing. The advent of modern technology has made these marvellous art pieces affordable for all. Visiting a one-stop web-based shop will let you discover a wide range of certified products at reasonable rates. Five product categories that will certainly pique your interest include:

Murano Glass Sculptures

Probably the most popular category, Murano glass sculptures presenting a variety of human, animal, bird and abstract figures are masterpieces of exceptionally talented artists. You can find these items in a host of exquisite shapes, sizes and colours. Various choices you can consider include Hippocrates, lotus flower, violin, family, lovers, swordfish, head of horse, fighting rooster cock, duck, parrots in love, bull, antelope, and so on. These sculptures handcrafted using traditional Murano glassmaking techniques can transform your home decoration magnificently.

Murano Glass Vases

There is no better piece of art to adorn your home than a striking Murano glass vase. There are many vases made with blown and cold glass cutting technique that delivers flawless cuts and texture to the surface. The presence of multiple colour effects on the cold surface gives a magical touch to the items. You can come across collections such as Zen, Bacchus, carnival, flames and faces, etc.
Murano Glass Plates

Yet another in demand category, Murano glass plates and dishes can easily become the centrepieces of your abode. Handmade with several special techniques like Sbruffi and Murrine, the plates feature elegant curves and vivid colours to leave a lasting impression on the minds of onlookers. Opt for a flowers vase to have a dramatic impact on your ambience.

Murano Glass Jewellery
Not just your atmosphere, you can even beautify yourself wearing special Murano glass jewellery available in the form of bead necklaces, pendants and earrings. Crafted with the technique of lamp work, the Murano glass necklaces in various hues can enhance your looks in a unique way. Each glass bead is worked upon as a single piece to ensure utmost quality. Take a look at Murano glass pendants that are handmade with the glass fusion or melting glass technique. If you love to wear earrings, there will be lots of options offered by an online store to meet your specific fashion needs.

Murano Glass Lighting Items

In our last but not least category, you can find Murano glass chandeliers, table lamps and branched candlesticks to illuminate your living areas. In imposing designs and finishes, the chandeliers can add a royal touch to your dwelling. Murano glass table lamps handcrafted with murrina and sbruffi techniques are not far behind in appearance too. These are available in multiple colours and with complete wire system. A tribute to the ancient Jewish tradition, the exclusive Jewish Menorah candlesticks made with fused glass method are of immense value and significance. Some of these candelabras have 24k gold fired in glass.


A Glance at Age-Old Italian Murano Glassmaking Techniques Used Even Today

Italian Murano glass hardly needs any introduction to individuals who get fascinated by unique artistic creations. Originated in the beautiful Venetian island of Murano, these glass objects are now available in a host of varieties ranging from contemporary art glass, sculptures and vases to jewellery, plates and chandeliers. The rich history of Murano glassmaking can be dated back to 1291 when the Republic of Venice ordered all glassmakers to shift their foundries to this island located on the north, apprehending damage to the city’s largely wooden constructions. Amongst the specialities of Murano glass is the range of long-standing glassmaking techniques being used even today. These techniques have been going through many developments and refinements to keep delivering topnotch Murano glass sculptures, vases, goblets, beads and plates to art lovers worldwide.

Some of them have been briefly described below:

Avventurina: Derived from the Italian ‘a ventura’ (denoting ‘by chance’), the technique was discovered in the eighteenth century when a Murano glassmaker accidentally spilled copper fillings into the glass he was working, thus creating a shimmering or glistening look. In this method, clear glass is flooded with metal particles made from copper or lots of other metal oxides. This is a complex process competently carried out by experienced Murano artisans.
img_3319_302x436Chalcedony: Originally invented in ancient Egypt and adopted in Murano in the fifteenth century, this technique involves generating polychromatic veins on the dark-coloured glass. The idea is to replicate the appearance of natural stones like chalcedony or agate by blending several metal compounds in a distinct manner. The method is widely used to make many stunning Murano glass sculptures by blending a variety of colours.

Filigrana: Also known as reticello or a retorti, fligrana is a set of multiple techniques to form objects having an opaque white or coloured glass core, employing glass rods that are fused together and subsequently blown and moulded by an artist. A wide array of Jewish Menorah or branched candlesticks, plates, dishes and photo frames is handmade with this glassmaking method.

Murrine: The technique also called Millefiori (a thousand flowers) involves the usage of glass canes or rods that comprise a solitary flower design solely noticeable on the surface of the cane’s cross sections. An object like Murano glass vase is created by using the cross sections of several such canes, which are jointly melted to encompass the surface of the object.

Bullicante: Usually applied to very thick glass, bullicante embellishes an object with a regular pattern of air bubbles that are equally spaced and become bigger or smaller in a gradual manner. This popular glassmaking technique was the most sought after among Murano glass artists throughout the 1950s.
_dsc8634_302x436Italian Murano glass items have been the foremost choice of art lovers around the world, thanks to many intricate techniques used to form them. From Murano glass sculptures and vases to jewellery and lighting products, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from. Adorning your home with an exceptional Murano glass vase will certainly grab the attention of others and reflect your classy taste.